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Children all love Bingo so I have made this Bingo set suitable for up to 8 children. Due to the very simple faces in 2 different skin colours this set is suitable for all ages of children.

Emotions included in this set:

*happy *sad *angry *scared *surprised *disgusted *embarrassed *nervous *calm

Each child is given a Bingo base board and a set of counters. Cut up the emotion word cards and read out the emotion word. The child looks for that face on their board and covers it with a counter. Continue until someone has a straight line horizontally, vertically or diagonally. There are also a set of situation cards so you can read those out and see if children can find the emotion that would fit the statement the closest.

Boards have just the faces or the faces and the words so you can decide which to use with the child you are working with.

There is also a simple emotional register to fill in at the end of the game. Children can draw their emotion face and say why they feel that way.

Other ideas to use this resource:

  • Matching pairs game with pictures
  • Matching pairs game with pictures and emotion words
  • Matching pairs game with pictures and statements
  • Print out the cards and use on a key ring or on a lanyard.
  • As a stimulus for discussion
"Such a wide range of resources to choose from - always something that can be used for different ages and situations. I have used so many and return to them time and time again. They are all super, but my favourites are the actual programmes that run over several sessions - for example the Super Girl Group. So easy to follow, it provides great confidence to allow you to really engage with the group rather than worry about what to do next. Brilliant."

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