Emotion Potion Display pack – Item 234


Emotion Potion Display pack

Emotion Potion Display Pack

There is everything you need to create an ‘Emotion Potion Display’. You can print the potion bottles on A4 or A3 depending on how big you want them to be. There is lettering or a banner depending on how you like to do your displays. The droplets come in different colours and black and white.

Included in the pack:

  • 20 emotions on coloured potion bottles – fordisplay
  • 20 emotion potion worksheets in colour – for children
  • 20 emotion potion worksheets in black and white – for children
  • A range of droplets to cut out – for display
  • A banner – for display
  • Display lettering – for display

Ideas on how to use this display

Have an emotion of the week. Print and cut out the appropriate potion bottle and put that on the wall. Sit the children in a circle and give them a prompt such as:

  • What triggers this emotion? So you are looking for anything that causes this emotion. For anger it might be ‘someone calling you a name’ for jealousy it might be ‘someone getting a new pair of trainers’, and so on.
  • What physical effects does this emotion cause? So you are looking for any physical effects linking to that emotion. For anger it might be ‘fast heartbeat’, for anxiety it might be ‘trembling or shaking’ and so on.
  • What might you be thinking when you feel this emotion? So you are looking for thoughts associated with this emotion. So for anger it might be ‘He is looking at me in a funny way!’ and for sadness it might be ‘I have no friends’. And so on.
  • What coping strategies do you have when you feel this emotion? So you are looking for anything that helps a child cope with this emotion. Obviously this is more linked to the negative emotions. For anger it might be ‘Do my breathing exercises’, for sadness it might be ‘go and talk to an adult’.
  • What other words do you know that mean the same or similar to this emotion? So for anger you are looking for words such as ‘mad, irate, furious, livid’, and so on.

When you have discussed this in detail during circle time you can then give them the worksheet to match the one on display. Use their ideas to create your display on the wall. Cut out the appropriate sized droplet and write in black marker. Stick this above the potion bottle to look like it is falling into the bottle or you could have them going the other way to show they are coming out of the bottle. Entirely your choice. Repeat this in the next session with another emotion.

You can obviously use this pack anyway you like and the ideas are endless. You could print out all the emotion potion bottles and make a display with all of them.

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