EMOJI Full page posters – Item 176


EMOJI Full page posters

Although I have called these full page posters they could be used in different ways by using your printer settings. Here are a few examples.

Printed as a booklet



These are the settings on my system, yours might differ, but everyone should be able to do this. If you can’t do it at home then try when you get to school.


Printed as cards

You can choose how many cards you want to a page by changing the numbers highlighted and also changing from portrait to landscape. I have 3×3 highlighted but you could do 2×2 or even make them really tiny by choosing a higher number.

There are 48 different EMOJIs covering a range of emotions and behaviours.

These are so versatile. You could:

  • Make an anger/calm scale.
  • Make a saddness/happiness scale.
  • Make an anxious/calm scale.
  • Make a noise scale for your class or group.
  • Use in booklet form or card form when working one to one with a child.
  • Use one of the cards to discuss at circle time.
  • Use as posters for the classroom.
  • Put one up each day and discuss what it might mean.
  • Print two copies of the cards and play matching games.
  • Use as a writing prompt.

Use the free Emoji lettering to make a display for your classroom or group area.

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