Emoji All Change game – Item 330


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Included in the pack:

*48 Emoji cards *Pupil game board *Dice net *Dice instructions

A fun game suitable for all pupils regardless of age.

Give each player a game board showing all the emojis in the game.
Place the emoji cards face down on the table.
Each player picks one emoji card.
Can they discuss what their emoji might mean?
This emoji can be marked off their game board.
Play begins by each player in turn throwing the die and the actions are followed depending on which number is thrown.
When each player has had ONE turn at throwing they must then look at the card they have been left with. This may or may not have changed. They can then, in turn discuss what this emoji might mean and mark it off their game board. Either use a dry wipe pen if laminated or a counter to cover the emoji if not laminated.
The aim of the game is to get 3 emojis in a row on their game board. These can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
Players then all pick a new emoji card and play continues.
Keep playing until someone achieves 3 in a row on their game board.

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