ELSA Lanyards – Item 223


ELSA Lanyards

These ELSA Lanyard badges were a request from an ELSA just finishing her training who wanted a badge for all her group to show they were ELSAs. I came up with this. This resource is just for the badge and emotions register. You can buy the actual Lanyard from Amazon, links below. You could use your existing Lanyard and just get the covers. I am sure the office will have some or you can get them from Amazon, link is below. I always like to offer more if I can so I have created some little emotional registers that will fit on the back of your badge. These will be very handy when asking a child how they feel or for discussing different emotions.

As with anyone who suggests a resource to me this person and her group will get their badges for free.

There is a BEE theme and an Emoji theme as well as just plain badges. See the cover image for details.

If you buy this you may share this with other ELSAs in your school.

You can buy this Lanyard strap from Amazon here. (Affiliate link)

And you can get the covers here. These are the ones I used for the photograph so I know they will fit if printed onto A4 card. (Affiliate link)

This pack is included in the ELSA ADMIN BUNDLE. Click the picture to take you there.