Consequences of actions or words – Item 438


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This is a ‘Consequences of actions or words’ resource is for helping pupils to understand that their words or actions can cause hurt and upset to other pupils.

If a pupil says something mean to another pupil then that can cause lots of strong feelings and behaviours. If that mean comment is changed to something more positive it can result in more positive feelings and behaviours.

Included in the pack are:

  • 20 A4 cards with difference scenarios
  • An editable file for you to create more scenarios. (The speech bubble is editable in PowerPoint)
  • One flip book that goes into more detail and can be used to talk through situations that have occurred for the pupil

The cards work through:

  • The comment or action
  • The thoughts of the person who was harmed
  • The feelings of the person who was harmed
  • The feelings of the person who made the comment or action
  • What could have been done or said differently
  • How would the person harmed feel now.
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