Communication Lapbook – Item 161


Communication Lapbook

The Communication Lapbook is the first in a series of two lapbooks aimed at communication. This first lapbook is aimed at:

  • Emotion/expression
  • Gestures/body language
  • Eye contact
  • Whole body listening
  • Listening skills
  • Reflecting back
  • Silent listening
  • Tone of voice
  • Loudnesss/quietness of voice
  • Listening and making sense of what is being said.
  • Speaking and describing what they can see.

Inside of the Lapbook

Children will be led through different activities to help them learn ways of communicating. Lapbooks are incredibly popular and a brilliant way of working one to one with a child. Children just love those little pockets. Let the child help you make the lapbook. They will love all the cutting and sticking. The huge benefit of these lapbooks is that once they are made they can be sent home (after you have taken photos for evidence of course). This will help parents to see what their child has been working on and maybe continue the work at home.


You need…

Access to a printer to print off the pockets and cards, a laminator, glue stick, scissors and a die (for one of the games). You will need an A3 piece of card in any colour. The pockets are included in black and white too so the child can colour them in or if you want to save on ink.

Included in the lapbook:

  • Title for the lapbook
  • Name and drawing sheet for the front
  • Gestures and body language pocket
  • 36 Gestures and body language cards
  • Tone of voice pocket
  • Speaking scale (loud and quiet)
  • 18 scenarios for scaling loud and quiet
  • Speaking tone (scale)
  • 6 cards conveying emotion
  • Emotion wheel
  • I can make eye contact pocket
  • Eyes to colour in
  • Reflecting back pocket
  • 16 questions to answer for reflecting back
  • What can I hear pocket
  • Paper slips for filling in what the child can hear
  • I can listen pocket
  • 6 whole body listening images
  • 6 whole body listening descriptions
  • Describing and listening game

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