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**There is a newer updated version of Comic strips on the website. You can find it here Comic strips.  This version will be removed on 15th November so if you have purchased please ensure you have downloaded and saved the resource.**

Children love drawing  comic strips because they love reading comics. Use that to your advantage in your work with children. If a child can draw a stick man they they can make a comic strip. I love the fact that practically all children can have a go at a comic strip.

 You can use them:

  • To sort out problems
  • To retell a complicated story
  • To organise something that has happened to them
  • To find out information about the child
  • To focus on thoughts and feelings
  • To help children who cannot write well to tell their story
  • To help children who cannot talk well to tell their story
  • To help children with social skills such as conversation and listening
  • To develop thinking skills
  • To inspire all children through their love of comics – it won’t feel like work!
  • To write social stories for children
  • To write therapeutic  stories for children
  • To help autistic children understand non-verbal communication, especially emotions.
  • To develop their imagination
  • To work with a partner or a team
  • To explain something to a child that is perhaps difficult to understand by words alone
  • To find out their wishes and dreams
  • To develop self-esteem

The list is really endless!

This download contains:

  •  56 ideas cards
  • 20 comic strips in a variety of shapes, sizes and number of boxes
  • A children’s template of speech bubbles, callouts, thinking bubbles and shouting bubbles
  • 12 speech/thinking/callouts

Please look at the image to see some of the cards and templates which are included in the pack.

These cards could also be used for circle-time questions.

The comic strips and bubbles could be used for a variety of topics and literacy or story work.

Ideal for ELSAs, teaching assistants, learning support assistants, learning mentors, teachers and parents.




"These resources are simply fantastic! They are reasonably priced (or free), and as a new ELSA, helped me to get set up and generate ideas for how to manage my planning, assessment, communication and sessions. Thank you, Debbie."

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