Circle Time Questions – Item 130


Circle Time Questions

This resource has over 100 questions for circle time. Questions are on these lovely round cards or in sentence strips. It is very useful when asking a question at circle time to have the sentence either written on the board or on a strip in the middle of the circle. Children often forget what the original question was.

Print on A4 for smallish cards or Print A3 if you want them a bit bigger. Laminate them and you will always have a handy pack of questions to dip into for every circle time.


This is a small selection of the cards available


This is a small selection of the questions available

There are circle time rules to go with this resource and you can find them on the link below. There is also a booklet full of warm up games on the link below.

Circle time rules

Circle time warm up games

Circle time thinking skills

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This resource is in a BUNDLE and you can find the link below.

Circle time BUNDLE