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A brand new Lapbook for Christmas!

Lapbooks are a fab way of working with a child, combining crafting, talking and actually doing something. We all know children talk more when they are enjoying themselves and when they are creating something. You can give them this to take home at the end of your sessions. Just make sure you photograph any bits for their assessment folder.

All you need is an A3 sheet of card to create this lapbook. Instructions for folding are in the pack.

Those last couple of weeks can be difficult for some children and this lapbook is a perfect solution for someone working one to one with a child. You are using Christmas in a proactive way to help a child with their feelings, self esteem, loss, memories, friendships lots more things.

This lapbook contains the following activities:

  • Light a candle for someone special – the child can think of someone who will not be with them this Christmas. It might even be a pet. It might be someone who has died or someone who is not living with them at the moment. They can decorate the flame part with the person’s name and colour it in with crayon or pencil. On the body of the candle they can write why they miss them or a memory they have of them. If they want to write more than space allows then continue onto the back of the candle.
  • How do you feel today? – There are six feel faces to cover the six basic emotions – happy, sad, angry, scared, surprised and disgusted. Use this as an emotional check in. If the face is laminated then the can draw their face with whiteboard pen if they wish. You could ask questions such as ‘How do you feel on Christmas eve?’ ‘How do you feel on Christmas Day?’ ‘How do you feel if you don’t get the present that you want?’ ‘How do you feel when you give someone a present?’ Lots of questions could be asked to use this face.
  • Wants and Needs Stocking – all children tend to have a long list of things they want for Christmas. Get them to think about what they actually need and what they want. They could write a list first and then sort it between ‘wants’ and ‘needs’.
  • Treasured Memories – there are snowglobes to write or draw on for this activity. Get them to think about Christmas past. What can they remember? What makes them feel good? What are their happy memories? They could draw on one side of the snowglobe and write on the back of it. They can store their memories in their treasure box.
  • Your Christmas Wishes – If they could have three wishes for Christmas what would they be? Get them to write their wishes on the stars and pop into the pocket for safe keeping.
  • Giving and Receiving – Everyone loves to receive presents at Christmas and everyone loves to give presents too. Get the child to think about a special present they have received (doesn’t have to be a material present) and write about it on the gift tag. They can write who it is from, and why they liked it so much. They can also think about a present they have given (or one they want to give) Who would they give it to? What might it be?
  • My family and friends Christmas Tree – ask the child to write the most special person in their life at the top of the tree and all their friends and family in the baubles. They can carefully and lightly colour over the baubles with crayons or coloured pencils. This is a reminder to them of all the people in their life who support them.
  • This is my Name – Get them to create their name in a magical and special way.
  • This is me – Get them to draw a picture of themselves or take a photo of them (perhaps in a santa hat) and stick that in.
"The resources are brilliant, they really have helped me in setting up my ELSA. I have so much more confidence with the help of this site. Thank you Debbie; your help is amazing."

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