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Choose the Feeling cards
Each card has a thumbs up or a thumbs down section. The child has to say whether the feeling is correct or not.
Print onto card and laminate. Please ensure you round off the corners for safety. Children can either use a whiteboard pen to choose the thumbs up or thumbs down, or they could use a peg and peg to the correct answer. An alternative would be for them to give the actual hand signal to you. So a thumbs up if correct and a thumbs down if incorrect.

Choose the Feeling game
There is a game board included so a simple game can be played. This is better for a small group of children.
Give each child their own counter.
Invite each child to throw the die and the highest number goes first. Work clockwise around the children from that person.
As the child to throw the die and moves that number of spaces. If they land on a thumbs up or thumbs down they take a card. If they land on a thumbs up and the card is a thumbs up they can keep the card. If they land on a thumbs up and the card is a thumbs down then that card goes back into the pile and vice versa.
When everyone has completed the game and reached the finish then the person with the most cards is the winner.


"A fantastic and inspirational website. The resources are an ELSA's dream, everything is so well thought out and each one can be used for more than one purpose. I have recommended the website to other ELSA's in my supervision group and they all think it's great too!"

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