Card craft activities volume 1 – item 74

I feel quite excited about this resource. It is something I have been meaning to do for a while. So many times you hear of…


Comic strips Item 73

**There is a newer updated version of Comic strips on the website. You can find it here Comic strips.  This version will be removed on…


The ‘feel good’ game – Item 66

The feel good game - is a game about self-esteem. The game will promote discussion on positive aspects of the child’s life and will use…


Superhero themed Self-esteem workbook – item 48

This resource is a result of an ELSA asking for something on self-esteem to appeal to boys. She thought Superheroes would be a good theme…


The positives game – item 13

The Positives game is about encouraging children to use their thinking skills and to also look for positive uses for every day objects. If they can…



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