Is it Bullying? – Item 192


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What is bullying? This resource will help children understand what this really means.

The resource consists of:

  • a game board
  • 42 scenario cards
  • 8 worksheets
  • Explanation cards on being ‘RUDE’, ‘MEAN’ and ‘BULLYING’.

So many children and parents use the term ‘bullying’ incorrectly. This resource aims to teach the difference between being rude, mean or actual bullying.

Being rude is doing something unintentionally and doing it once. Being mean is doing something intentionally and doing it once or twice. Being a bully is doing something intentionally and doing it over and over again even when told to stop.

The scenario cards are a mixture of rude, mean and bullying situations. The cards can be used with the game board or with the worksheets. They will prompt lots of discussion on what bullying really means.

Children will explore intentional or unintentional behaviour, controlling behaviour, the victims feelings, and remorse or sorrow for the behaviour.

"These resources are simply fantastic! They are reasonably priced (or free), and as a new ELSA, helped me to get set up and generate ideas for how to manage my planning, assessment, communication and sessions. Thank you, Debbie."

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