Building bricks positional language – Item 87


This resource would be very useful if you are setting up a building brick therapy group. To read more about running a therapy group then it is advisable to buy the book Lego® -based therapy.  At level one children need to be able to understand instructions for building so learning positional language is very important. The resource includes the following:

  • 13 posters showing positional vocabulary (print these on A3 if displaying in the classroom/room)
  • Flash cards with positional vocabulary
  • Task cards with positional vocabulary

When sitting with a child and working with bricks it will prompt you to cover the basics of positional language. The task cards can be laminated and you could write the colours of the bricks in the blank rectangles with whiteboard pens. These could be used over and over again. For example ‘Put the red brick BETWEEN the green brick and the yellow brick.’ Children could also work in pairs using the cards with an adult supervising to make sure they follow the directions correctly.

taskcard 2








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