BRAND NEW ELSA Starter Pack – Item 186


BRAND NEW ELSA Starter pack

There are so many new resources on the site since I created the first ‘ELSA starter pack ‘ so have decided to add another pack.

This pack should cover most things that you encounter. Lots of one to one resources but also group interventions are included.

For emotions it consists of:



For self-esteem it consists of

For anxiety and worries it consists of:

For anger management it consists of:


For Bereavement and loss it consists of:

For Transition it consists of:

For friendship it consists of:

For Circle time it consists of:

For Growth Mindset it consists of

For Social Skills it consists of

For communication skills it consists of


For Empathy

The cost for all these individually would be £53.00 but you can buy this pack for £38.00 which is a massive saving.


All these resources are downloadable resources and and links will be sent to your email address immediately on purchase. Please ensure you input the correct email address.

Please check your spam folder if your links do not arrive. You can also log into your account on ELSA Support and download from your purchase history.