What is behind my emotion? – Item 205


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These booklets can be used in a number of ways by combining the sheets to suit the child. Print which sheets you require along with the cover sheet. Cut along the lines where indicated. The child lifts the flap and writes or draws the answers to one of the following…

The objective can be:

What is behind an emotion? – what you are seeing on the surface might not be what is causing that emotion. You might be angry when really inside you are sad. You might pretend to be happy when really you are sad or worried. You might be really angry but that shows as sadness.

What is the reason for the emotion? – What causes your happiness? Is it your birthday today? Are you excited about something? What causes your sadness? Has someone you love died or are you lonely?

This resource is a great way to explore emotions and is suitable for very young children and secondary children.

There are six mini booklets. Each mini booklet covers four emotions. Emotions covered are:

*happy *sad *angry *scared *annoyed *confused *fed up *ecstatic *furious *calm *upset *embarrassed *ill *shy *stubborn *hesitant *proud *shocked *stressed *tired *ashamed *nervous *numb *jealous

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