Bee-Linda’s Mindfulness workbook -Item 180


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This workbook was inspired by a story I wrote for a writing group that I go to. We had to write a children’s story using some emotion. I used ‘anxiety’ and mindfulness as a way of dealing with it.

***Download: BE HERE NOW ***

I have made a little poem and some Bee cards to go with the poem. Free to download.

***Download: BEE poem ***

I then decided to develop a workbook with the starring character of my story – Bee-Linda the Bee. This workbook should help a child suffering from anxiety and worries but also for those children who are perhaps angry about something in their past. Mindfulness takes practice but we can all achieve it if we try hard enough. The workbook looks at ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’ and also looks at some breathing exercises. There are activities to do with the senses and a mindfulness diary template.

I have also included a set of ‘Cloud’ emotion fans as an extra.

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