Back to School Pack – Item 236


Back to School Pack

Here are a long list of activities to do when you get back to school.

This resource pack includes the following:

Hand Print Rainbow

Create a hand print rainbow. The children can dip their hands in paint and make a print to cut out or draw and cut around their hands in bright colours. Arrange the handprints on a board with the heading ‘We are one’ or ‘We are many but we are one’. Banners are included in the pack.

Goals Bunting

Ask the children to come up with 3 goals for this year at school. They can write their goals in the stars and then decorate their bunting. These can be displayed in your area or your classroom and referred back to as appropriate.

Hopes and Dreams Bunting

Ask the children to think about their hopes and dreams for this year and write them in the thinking bubbles. They can decorate their bunting and then this can be displayed in your area or classroom.

Create a timeline

Ask the children to create a timeline of their summer. There are different sheets available.

Is it true or false?

Ask the children to think about facts about themselves and one lie. The more outrageous the lie the funnier it will be. There is a blank sheet and one with prompts to help them. They can read them out and everyone must guess which one is the false statement or the lie. A great way to have a discussion on telling lies.

First Day Feelings

This is an opportunity to find out how the children feel on that first day in school. You could do a quick circle time on how each child feels and then ask them to fill in the worksheet. Ask them to be honest because there is no right or wrong answer.

Feelings Hunt

Give each child a copy of the activity sheet. They must walk around the classroom asking each other ‘How do you feel today?’ The children must be creative with their answers. Not just happy/sad. Can they fill in all the shapes? After they have finished make a list on the board of all the different feelings that they came up with. This is a great activity for learning new ‘feeliings vocabulary’.

My Summer Happiness thermometer

Gauge how the children’s holidays were by using this happiness thermometer worksheet. The children can think of memories over the summer and sort them from the happiest to the saddest.

Characteristics of me or my teacher/ELSA/TA

Print a large copy of File 8 and put up on the board. Read through the list of characteristics. Underline 5 of them that relate to you. Give each child their own A4 copy. As a circle time can they choose one ‘I am’ statement from the list? They can then go to tables and underline 5 of their characteristics and then fill in the worksheets. Children could also write an acrostic poem using their names. Each initial must be a characteristic.

Scavenger hunt

Give each child a copy of worksheet 10. They have a set amount of time to find out all the answers. Be prepared for it to be noisy. This is a great way for the children to interact with each other and take note of who is in their class/group.


Give each child their own ‘little autograph book’, they must walk around the classroom and make sure they get everyone’s autograph. This is a great self-esteem booster. Imagine having a queue of people asking for your autograph!

Number facts about me

Ask the children to think about all the number facts about them and fill in the bunting worksheet with the answers and decorate. Display in your area or classroom.

Guess who!

Ask the children to fill in the ‘Guess Who?’ worksheets and then fold them up. When they have done this do a circle time and pick out some of the worksheets and read to the children. Can the children guess who it is?

Class symbol or logo

Talk to the children about how you are all part of the same group just like Brownies, Rainbows, Scouts and how you need a symbol or logo to represent your class/group. Show the children some images from the internet for example, McDonalds, Burger King so they understand what a logo is. Fostering a sense of belonging is a real self-esteem booster for children.  Worksheets include designing a shirt, sweatshirt or a school cap.

My Bucketful of Summer

Ask the children to either fill their buckets with all the words that describe their summer, draw a picture of their summer or write about their summer.

Friend Venn

Pair children up and ask them to write down, on their part of the venn, things about them. What do they like? What are they good at? Then they must compare with their friend. In the middle they put things that they both have in common. This is a great way for children to foster a new friendship.

How can I help you?

Give each child a copy of the worksheet and ask them to fill in the cloud shapes with anything at all they want you to help them with this year. You could also print this large and pin to the board for children to write things on.

Teacher/TA/ELSA interview cards

You fill in enough cards about you so that each child gets one. For example you could write your cat’s name on one of them. How many children you have on another. What type of car you drive. Where you like to go on holiday.

Deal all the cards out to the children then ask the children one of the questions. What is my cat’s name? If the child thinks they have the answer they must stand up. This can be funny because some questions could have several answers.

Roll a Friend

There are two sheets available. One has prompts and the other is blank for you to fill in categories yourself.

Each player takes it in turn to roll the die and answer the question. They must write their answer in their box. When all the boxes are completed can the children see if they have anything in common with each other? Do they both like the same colour? Do they both like the same animal? This might help to create friendships with each other.

Getting to know you

This could be used for whole class, group or one to one, it could also be done with children working in pairs. Take it in turns to roll a die (twice) the first roll gives you the row and the second roll gives you the column. Answer the questions.

Message in a bottle – time capsule

Ask the children to fill their name in and the date they are doing their little booklet. Ask them to fill all the pages in and then at the end of the year they can open them again. Has anything changed? The children could do another one to see if their answers are different.


Children can make ‘emotion bookmarks’ or ‘inspirational quotes’. These will be helpful for reminders of ELSA work.


There is a ‘Family’ shield and an ‘About me’ shield for children to work on.

Good Manners

Start off the year with a reminder about good manners. Children need to cut and stick the scenarios in the appropriate column.

Key to Friendship

What qualities do children need to look for in a good friend? What is the key to friendship? There is a worksheet and a banner for creating a display.

Crossword Names

Great for groups or even whole classes. The child is asked to write each letter of their name in an individual square. These are cut out and the names are fit together to make a crossword, showing the children how they all fit together. There is a banner included for display.

A to Z of Happiness

Start the new school year on a positive by looking at all the things that make them feel happy beginning with each letter of the alphabet

Recipe of me

Ask the children to look at the positive words and fill in the cauldron sheet. Each bubble from the cauldron should have something positive that makes them who they are. They can then write out their recipe on the lined paper.

Cut out People

Give each child a cut out person. Ask them to decorate their cut out to look like them. On the back of the cut out ask them to write any worries they might have about the new school year.

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