Animal Emotions Pack – Item 221


Animal Emotions Pack

This delightful animal emotions pack focusesĀ  on how animals appear to show emotion. It is interesting to see that you can actually have a good guess at what an animal might be feeling by looking at the facial expression and body language.

Synonyms of each emotion are shown. It is important for children to learn different emotions vocabulary and this will help them do just that. Of course do encourage them to come up with some more. I am sure the children will love looking at the different animals and their cute expressions.

Included in the pack:

  • 20 animal posters without any labels
  • 20 animal posters showing synonyms of an emotion
  • 20 animal worksheets
  • 20 flashcards without any labels
  • 20 flashcards with a suggested emotion label

Animal Emotions Pack

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