Anger Management Lapbook resource pack – Item 158


Anger Management Lapbook resource pack

After the creation of the ‘Feelings Lapbook’, Self-esteem lapbook, Transition Lapbook, Worries and Fears Lapbook, Christmas Lapbook, Transition Lapbook and ‘All about me’ Lapbook I decided to tackle Anger management and create an Anger Management Lapbook resource pack. I have made the title of the Lapbook ‘My Strong Feelings’ which is perhaps a better way of children understanding anger rather than Anger Management.

The Anger Management Lapbook can be built with a child, combining lessons and creativity and craft. Each component can be a lesson or part of a lesson. It is something for the child to take away at the end of your sessions. You could easily fill 4 to 6 lessons with what is in this lapbook. There are two versions, one in black and white so the child can colour the lettering etc and one in colour where they can just cut and stick. By creating this you are helping the child have some tools for coping.

All you need is an A3 piece of card, card and paper for printing, a glue stick, laminating pouches and a drywipe pen.

Please ensure that this is a proactive resource and done with a child when they are calm and receptive.

The Anger management resource pack consists of the following:

  • Title for front cover
  • .Name label. for front cover
  • .This is me label. for front cover
  • .Body sheet. for exploring physical reactions to anger
  • ‘My Style of anger’ pocket for exploring what the child does when angry.
  • ‘What triggers my anger?’ pocket and cards for exploring triggers for anger.
  • ‘My thoughts when my anger is triggered’ – for exploring thoughts.
  • ‘My coping strategies’ for exploring calming techniques.
  • ‘Problems and reactions’ for scaling the child’s reaction to a trigger.
  • ‘What’s behind an angry face?’ for exploring underlying feelings such as sadness.
  • ‘How strong is my anger? pocket and thermometer – for scaling feelings.
  • ‘Anger spinner’ game

For the adult

  • The anger firework
  • Stages of an angry outburst
  • Information on the lapbook and how to make it