Affirmation Cards for Young children – Item 229


Affirmation Cards for young children

The word affirm means to ‘state something that is true’. Affirmation cards have simple but positive messages that help to develop a child’s sense of self. When used regularly it is hoped that the children will absorb the positive message and become more positive in their outlook in life. They will really begin to believe the statement that they are working on. The message needs to be realistic and very simple. Having unrealistic affirmations may make a child feel worse about themselves and your aim with these is to increase their self-esteem. All these cards begin with the words ‘I am’ and are very simple but achievable statements for all children.

What is included in the pack:

  • 25 Affirmation cards – 4 to an A4 page
  • 25 Affirmation cards – 2 to an A4 page
  • 25 Affirmation cards – 1 to an A4 page
  • Blank Affirmation cards – 4 to an A4 page
  • Tips booklet

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