Dinosaur maths games

October 27, 2014
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Here are a few games I used to play when I ran Numeracy interventions for SEN children. They would be perfect for a Nurture group setting. Who doesn’t like dinosaurs?

This first game is so flexible, write a rule in the starburst such as add 1, add 2, subtract 1, subtract 2, double the number, how many to make 10 etc. Use a die with the numbers 4,5 and 6 covered so the game isn’t over too quickly. Each child can have a counter,

adding subtracting game dinosaurs






Download: Dinosaur game

This game uses digit cards or the cards included in this download. Ask the child to choose a card and they must zap the dinosaur that makes a number bond to 10. Use a coloured counter to zap the dinosaur.







Download: Zap the dinosaur




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