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December Elsa Resources – What’s new?

December Elsa Support Resources – What’s new?

I thought it might be helpful to show all the resources each month that are new to the site. The links to the resources show up in orange so click that if you want to have a closer look.

All the advent resources are further down the page.

You can find all of November’s resources here

Growing feelings eyfs

Growing feelings EYFS


Discover your superpowers strengths leaflet for pupils

strengths pupil leaflet

Christmas calming bingo

Christmas Calming Bingo

Break the ice game

Break the ice game

School Holiday Wellbeing Leaflet

School holiday wellbeing pupil leaflet

Advent Day 1

Advent Day 2

Advent day 3

advent day 3 cup of self care

Advent day 4

advent day 4 candy cane support

Advent day 5

advent day 5 Christmas worry tree

Advent day 6

advent day 6 winter progressive muscle relaxation

Advent day 7

Advent day 8

advent day 8 thankful wreath

Advent day 9

advent day 9 3 houses

Advent day 10

Advent day 10 Christmas puzzle

Advent day 11

Advent day 12

advent day 12 winter themed strength cards

Advent day 13

advent day 13 christmas tree dream catcher

Advent day 14

Advent day 15

Advent Day 15 Mindful Minute

Advent day 16

Advent Day 16 Hot Chocolate Breathing

Advent day 17

Advent Day 17 Bookmarks to Gift

Advent day 18

Advent Day 18 Christmas Refocus Alphabet

Other Resources you will love!
Feel the Feels Bingo 2
Feel the Feels Bingo 2
Feel the Feels Bingo 2

Feel the Feels Bingo 2 – Item 279

One of the 'Feels' range of resources, this is the Feel the Feels Bingo 2, is aimed at older pupils and therefore are suitable for…


Twinkle and shine self esteem intervention
Twinkle and shine self esteem intervention
Twinkle and shine self esteem intervention

Twinkle and Shine self esteem intervention – Item 452

This is ELSA Support's  Twinkle and shine self esteem intervention for young children. It is written for children from approx. 4 to 6 but could…


Superhero themed emotion workbook – Surprise – item 054

Teaching children to recognise, understand, label, and express their emotions is fundamental before expecting them to regulate their emotions. The more they know about emotions…


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