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Target or Tracking counting beads

Use these Target or Tracking counting beads – I saw some counting beads on pinterest and thought how wonderful they would be for a child who is trying to hit small targets. The child could actually make their own counting beads at their first session and come up with a plan for their targets.

I have seen these used in numeracy lessons and have even seen them used for golf, to keep track of how many strokes a golfer has made.

The list is endless on how to use them for ELSA/school work.

The beads could be made as I have made them in the photos or could be made into bracelets or necklaces. They are so easy to make that a child could make their own therefore taking ownership of them.

You can make the these tracking beads in any way that you choose. The photo above shows them made with the alphabet beads. These are great because they can spell a word or even their name.

You could use sparkly or shiny beads, different textures, small or large beads depending on whether they are made into bracelets or necklaces. You could put them on a key ring or hang them up in the classroom, one for each child. Parents could use them for their children to encourage the right choices or just to encourage kindness/helpfulness.

The first thing to do is for you and the child to come up with a target. That target could be broken down into however many beads you decide to use or the target could be something like ‘I can move a bead every time I smile at someone today.’

Here is a list of ideas:

Each time you……

  • smile at someone, move a bead
  • feel proud, move a bead
  • feel happy, move a bead
  • say hi to someone, move a bead
  • give someone a compliment, move a bead
  • cheer someone up, move a bead
  • say ‘Stop!’ in your head and make a better choice, move a bead
  • ask a friend a question, move a bead
  • eat a piece of fruit, move a bead
  • play with a new person, move a bead
  • tidy your bedroom, move a bead
  • do a kind deed, move a bead
  • read a book, move a bead
  • learn something new, move a bead
  • do some exercise, move a bead
  • walk up the stairs, move a bead
  • go to bed without any fuss, move a bead
  • stay in my bed all night, move a bead
  • try a new food, move a bead
  • write independently, move a bead
  • give eye contact, move a bead
  • use good manners such as please, thank you or excuse me, move a bead
  • take turns, move a bead
  • tell the truth, move a bead
  • follow an instruction, move a bead
  • recognise you are getting angry, move a bead
  • ask for help, move a bead
  • line up sensibly, move a bead
  • get changed for PE quickly, move a bead
  • put your hand up at carpet time, move a bead

Download: tracking beads


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