‘Cool it game’ ideas for using

February 7, 2016
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The Cool it game is a game about managing anger. The game will promote discussion on anger management and the recognition of anger. Anger affirmations are used along with cool it cards which give lots of ideas for calming down. The game is very positive for teaching children about their anger. It can be played one to one or it could be used with a small group of children (no more than 4).





There are other activities that you can do though using the resources within this game pack.

The game consists of:

40 ‘Cool it’ cards

Cool it cards

40 Cool it cards

Ideas for using these cards

  • Choose one of the cards and practise the exercise
  • Use one of the cards as a focus for discussions at circle time
  • Have a card a week for the whole class or group to practise
  • Have children write or draw a picture of them using this technique
  • Children could draw a comic strip of a time when they will use this technique
  • Use the boards below for children to have a working tool in the classroom for reminders on how to cool off when angry. Once the child has chosen their ways to cool off, stick the cards onto the boards, and then laminate.

Cool off board 3

Cool off board

40 Anger Affirmation cards

Affirmation cards

  • Choose a card and say the affirmation over and over again.
  • Choose a card and pass around the circle at circle time
  • Write the affirmations into speech bubbles
  • Ask the child to choose an affirmation then draw a picture of themselves with a speech bubble saying that affirmation.
  • Make a special box and ask the child to choose 5 affirmations to put in the box. Ask the child to read them everyday.

Learn new vocabulary


Work on different ‘angry words’ before playing the game. Write ‘Anger’ in the middle of a piece of paper or a whiteboard and ask children to come up with some synonyms such as annoyed, frustrated, furious, mad, cross, irritated etc.


Learn to talk about feeling angry at home or at school


Have a session on feeling angry in different situations, at home, at school, in the shop, at the park, on the playground etc. Give children chance to discuss these before playing the game. What triggered their anger? What did they say? What did they do? Did they manage to calm themselves down? How did they do that?




Look at body sensations when angry


Spend some time talking about the sensations in your body when you feel angry such as racing heartbeat, feeling hot and bothered, breathing fast etc.

Ask children to draw a body outline and colour in the bits where they feel their anger.

Look at what they normally do when they are angry (their style of anger)


Are they normally violent? Do they hurt themselves? Do they hurt others? Do they damage furniture or belongings? Do they go silent? Do they cry? What do they do when they are angry right now?

Work on this before playing the game. Ask them to draw a comic strip of a time when they were angry. What did they do? What did they say? What triggered the anger?

There is a lot you can do with this simple game which costs £3 and can be purchase through following this link. Purchase the ‘Cool it game’

There are other anger resources on the site such as ‘My anger workbook’,  ‘Anger intervention for Early years’, ‘Anger intervention’


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