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Connect Tab Book Children’s Mental Health

This is a connect tab book for children’s mental health week. 

The theme is ‘Let’s connect’ which is all about the friendships and relationships we have and connecting with other people on a regular basis. It is a huge boost of self esteem for children to feel like they belong and they have connections with others. That might be within school, their class, their family, friendship groups or special interest groups.

This booklet is simple to print and put together. There is a colour version and a black and white version.

The connect tab book has the following pages:

  • C is for COMMUNITY- who is in their community?
  • O is for OPEN – How can they be open and friendly?
  • N is for NAMES – How can they trust? Who are their trusted people?
  • N is for NEW – What questions could they ask someone new?
  • E is for EXPLORE – How can they explore new friendships and relationships?
  • C is for CARE –  How can they show they care about others?
  • T is for TOGETHER – What exciting things can they do together with their friends and family?

Download: Lets connect tab

For a huge list of ideas please check out our blog post on Children’s Mental health.

"I am a lead Thrive Practitioner and I love your resources which I can use as starters or as a full session"

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