Communication – assertive, aggressive, passive

I made this game a while back and find it so useful for teaching children about the different styles of communication. This pack is more than just a game but has lots of activities too. I hope to show you how versatile this pack is.

You can play the game. Each child has a bingo board and a counter. Print  out the board on A3 or do as I have done and print the PDF in two parts to stick together. Each child in turn throws the die and moves that number of places. If they land on a ‘Problem’ they must pick a problem card and suggest how to answer it in an assertive way. If correct they get a monster token.  If they land on a ‘Assertive, aggressive or passive’ square then they must pick a ‘style card’. Which style is it? If correct they get a monster token for their bingo board. The first person to fill their bingo board is the winner. You can find the game here  Communication styles

Full game



Look at the characteristics of someone who is assertive, and find out what assertive means by looking in a dictionary and finding out.


Look at the characteristics of someone who is aggressive. Look up the definition in a dictionary.

passive speech

Choose a problem card and a style card. What might the child say if they are being passive? Would that solve the problem? What would be a better way to solve the problem?


Problem passive

Ask the child to choose a style card and a problem card. Can they act out the solution to the problem? Children again could work in pairs to do this.



Another activity with this pack is to sort the style cards between assertive, aggressive and passive. Children can work in pairs to achieve this.

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