Chill out Poster

This is a GIANT poster which you can print out very large and can be used in a ‘Chill out’ area of your room.

Use Adobe to open the PDF and then choose poster. You can make it as big as you like. Be aware though if you make it too big it might lose a bit of definition. I did it over 16 A4 pages and it was absolutely fine.

You could put some ‘calming cards’ and a ‘calm basket’ in the area, along with books, beanbags or cushions. Children could cut out paper snowflakes as one of the calming ideas and these could be used to decorate the area.

Download: Need a place to chill freefriday

"These resources are simply fantastic! They are reasonably priced (or free), and as a new ELSA, helped me to get set up and generate ideas for how to manage my planning, assessment, communication and sessions. Thank you, Debbie."

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