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Children’s Mental Health week – My voice matters

Children’s Mental Health Week – My voice matters runs from 5th to 11th February 2024

We have a range of resources that can be helpful for this week. There will be more added to this blog post as they become available so keep checking back.

My voice matters 

express yourself my voice matters

It’s ok to say no

my voice matters it's ok to say no

My voice matters being assertive

My voice matters assertiveness cards

My voice matters prompts

My voice matters conversation prompts

My voice matters pupil leaflet

my voice matters pupil leaflet

Looking after my mental health

Although this was created for world mental health day it also helps give pupils a voice so can be used for this week too.

looking after my mental health

My Wellbeing Week PowerPoints

Building confidence pupil leaflet – this may be helpful to raise confidence and allow pupils to use their voice

Building confidence pupil leaflet

Icebreaker questions – these would be good to give pupils a voice

Express yourself 5 day challenge

express yourself

Express yourself emotion charades – this was created for 2021 but would be also useful for this years theme

Express yourself poster

Express your feelings

express yourself feelings

Express myself tab booklet

Other Resources you will love!
discuss it! Change it! Emotional
discuss it! Change it! Emotional
discuss it! Change it! Emotional

Discuss it! Change it! Emotional – Item 357

This download of black and white worksheets for 'Discuss it! Change it! Emotional' are perfect for printing off and using to discuss emotions/feelings or conditions.…


ELSA Lanyard cards
ELSA Lanyard cards
ELSA Lanyard cards

ELSA Lanyard cards – Item 223

This is a set of ELSA Lanyard cards that you can put onto your lanyard. There is a badge where you can add your name…


Feelings diary
Feelings diary
Feelings diary

Feelings Diary or Journal- Item 459

This is a HUGE 'Feelings Diary or journal' pack so you can put together the PERFECT diary or journal for each pupil you work with.…


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