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One of our lovely members in the ELSA Group has created a Chatterbox. This is basically a decorated box where she puts lots of questions. The chatterbox can come out at any time and children choose a question to talk about. I thought this was such a lovely idea.

She says ‘I do a Talk around the Table when pupils are having friendship issues and found this a great way to lighten things up a bit – pupils came up with a lot of question ideas – set questions out on the table face down and select at random’

Photo shared with permission from the ELSA Group

The post had a lot of likes and another member made her chatterbox straightaway along with some of the resources from the website. She gave permission for me to use her photo to show you all.

Photo shared with permission from the ELSA Group

The ‘Looking after you’ cards are free to download.

I do love the idea with children coming up with the questions too so perhaps you could have a session and collect their questions. I have made you a template to write them up should you wish.

All you need to do is click on the writing and write your question. I used just comic sans as a font but you could change the font to one on your computer. You can also change the colour of the font or the size. The sheet is in plain white and a coloured version too. It is set up for A4 printing which should give you a nice size of question strip.

You need Powerpoint to open. You can then ‘save as’ PDF and print them out to cut up.


Another idea that has just come up from me sharing this on the ELSA Page is a chatterbox with objects in it rather than question cards. Love this idea because this could real spark imagination and vocabulary.


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