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Change those thoughts!

This is a worksheet to help children change negative thoughts to more positive thoughts.

Such things as:

Negative: He pushed me on purpose

Positive: Perhaps he didn’t mean to push me?

Negative: That dog will bite me!

Positive: The dog is on a lead and the owner is holding tight. It can’t bite me!

Download: Changing those thoughts

Download: Automatic Negative Thoughts

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"My 'go to' place when I’m looking for new resources. Well designed, easy to use and so reasonably priced. I’ve built up quite a collection now and use them constantly. Children love them too. Thank you!"

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  • Bev Hucknall says:

    Hi Debbie.
    You have some Fantastic resources, unfortunately I have a problem. Is there any chance that you can also do a cursive option. This would be very helpful as my school is all cursive. Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Bev, this worksheet does have cursive text but it wouldn’t be practical for me to do all my resources in cursive. So sorry. Personally I believe children should be able to read all sorts of different text. After all if they are reading a book it isn’t in cursive. Appreciate your feedback though, thank you 🙂

  • Bayan Masoud says:

    love those resources, thank you.

  • Julie Lee says:

    Thank you this will be a good resource to use – simple and effective.

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