World book day – ELSA Ideas

March 7, 2019
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World book day – ELSA Ideas A post in one of my groups inspired me to put this list together for today. If you have children for ELSA and want to combine it with book day then have a look through the list. Download: World book day ideas

Lapbook Template for Personalised stories

February 24, 2019
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Lapbook template for personalised stories My personalised stories are quite popular and I thought I would make a pack so you could make lapbooks of your stories. This has several purposes: It keeps everything together so can be moved from your session to class and even to home It really personalises the experience by the […]

Always try your best

February 19, 2019
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‘Always try your best Deb!’ As I rolled backwards one more time I was ready to give up! ‘I can’t do a hill start Dad!’ I cried! ‘I give up!’ ‘Aww Deb, course you can! Give it another go. Hold onto that clutch and let it out slowly’. He explained. Again, I rolled backwards! ‘Come […]

ELSA Resources for your SEN Toolkit

February 8, 2019
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ELSA Resources for your SEN Toolkit There are so many resources on the website that are useful for SENDCOs, Teachers and other professionals working with children. Put them in your SEN Toolkit. Check out just a small fraction of the resources offered for free on the website. A set of emotion fans is an absolute […]

Education Mental Health Practitioner EMHP

October 28, 2018
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Education Mental Health Practitioner EMHP Someone posted a link to this initiative this morning in one of the Facebook groups. At last the government are doing something to address the issues around child mental health. It looks like a great start. Anyone know anymore information about this Educational Mental Health Practitioner EMHP course/job? Please do […]


September 4, 2018
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I’m Not Afraid of Spiders This delightful poetry book about feelings was sent to me by Jane Rogers who is a Parenting Expert and founder of The Cambridge Parent Coach. You can find her on Facebook here The Cambridge Parent Coach You can buy the book from here – just click the picture Jane asked if […]

Affirmation cards

August 4, 2018
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Affirmation cards The word affirm means to ‘state something that is true’. Affirmation cards have simple  but positive messages that help to develop a child’s sense of self. When used regularly it is hoped that the children will absorb the positive message and become more positive in their outlook in life. They will really begin […]

Personalised Stories

March 3, 2018
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Personalised Stories This story will help a child learn new social and emotional skills. Here is a free one to download and try. This one is aimed at empathy. Personalised Story Print out the girl version or the boy version. Print out the cards, target sheet and certificate. Laminate and cut out the cards, punch […]