Calm and Relax

May 24, 2018
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Calm and Relax

#elsafreefriday resource

Print out the booklets, fold along the line and cut along the dotty lines. You can choose one with the icons to colour in or a blank one for children to decorate. The colouring will help mindfulness and relaxation. Inside each letter they can think of something beginning with that letter that helps them be relaxed or calm. X in relax, might be difficult but they could come up with something that has x in it such as a ‘calm box’ or ‘six breaths’. If they really struggle then help them with this one. If they don’t want to write they could draw a little picture instead.

These would be great for homework to be sent for the holidays.


  • R – Ringing a good friend for a chat
  • E – Enjoying the sunshine
  • L – Laying on a beanbag
  • A – Apple pie
  • X – x box games


  • Cream cake
  • Aroma of lavendar
  • Long warm baths
  • Mummy cuddles

You can download this resources from here


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