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Bubbles for anxiety

Bubbles for anxiety – Blowing bubbles is a great way to practice breathing to calm down. If you blow too hard you won’t get a bubble. If you blow too soft you won’t get a bubble. You have to blow slowly and steadily with pursed lips. This is a great way to calm down if you are feeling anxious or if you are angry.

This little bubble wand is so easy to make and can be made by any aged child. As long as they can thread. So great for motor skills too. Children could make patterns too! I love activities that are cross curricular in nature.

Simply bend a pipe cleaner in half. Leave about 2cm at the top and twist the rest together. Thread beads onto the bottom to have something to hold. I just used pony beads but you could have all sorts of different beads to make each one unique.

For very anxious children who are happy to talk to you about their worries and fears. Each bead can signify a worry or fear. When they begin blowing their bubbles you can tell them they are blowing away their worries.

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