Black and white thinking - Elsa Support . (not always perfect)

Black and white thinking

This Black and White Thinking resource was created for a child who always wanted work to be perfect. I think we have all met these children. They don’t want to try unless they can do it perfectly. Or they might spend ages on a simple piece of work because it has to be done just so. If it’s not right they rip up work because it’s not right. This resource is to show them that it is ok to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. We can see some good in our work if we look. We don’t have to spend hours on one piece of work. It’s ok for your work to be ‘in the grey’. These children often have self-esteem issues so some work on self-esteem may be useful also.

These resources are based on a thermometer and are to help children assess their work. During the session look at things being black or white ie. wrong or right and look at all those areas in between where things might be ok or acceptable. Teach children that it is ok to make mistakes and that is how we learn for next time. When you have introduced the concept the child needs a laminated thermometer to keep in class and perhaps one for home too. They should be encouraged to look at their work and find the good in it, focusing on the positive not the negative.

Download: Black and white thinking

Download: Poster

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"I love them , I have been a pastoral TA in Primary for 4 years and have used them a lot , currently doing ELSA training !"

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