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Be Happy Summer Diary

This is a ‘Be Happy Summer Diary’ sheet to give to children as they break up from school. You could give them several copies so they can do one each week.

***Updated with a ‘Be happy diary’ so it can be used all year round. 

A diary sheet can be incredibly beneficial for children, promoting both emotional and mental well-being. By regularly recording positive experiences and reflections, children can develop a habit of focusing on the good things in their lives. This practice can enhance their overall mood and outlook, helping them build resilience against stress and anxiety. Writing in a diary encourages self-expression, allowing children to articulate their thoughts and feelings in a safe and private space. This can lead to better emotional regulation and understanding of their emotions.

The diary also serves as a creative outlet, allowing children to explore their imagination and improve their writing skills or drawing skills. It can be a valuable tool for developing mindfulness, as children reflect on their daily experiences and become more aware of the present moment.

Download: Be Happy Summer Diary

Download: Be Happy Diary

"The Favourites game is a favourite of mine and the children at school. It’s a great ice breaker in the getting to know you session. They children love it as they get to find out about me too. It’s such a simple resource, but one I use at least once a week Lesley ELSA & Learning Mentor North London."

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