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Anger poem for children with questions

I love writing poems for children and I recently wrote this one which explains anger. You can download the anger poem below and if you scroll down there are some questions you could ask which will help you get the most out of this poem. Hope you and the children enjoy it.

Download: Anger poem

What questions could we ask that would help a child with their anger?

  • What is the poem about? anger
  • Have you ever felt angry? Yes everyone does sometimes
  • What is anger? an emotion
  • What does an angry face look like? Can you show me?
  • What other words mean the same as angry? mad, furious, seething, cross etc.
  • What triggers does the person in the poem have? What are your triggers? being pushed, called names, being blamed, being teased
  • What is adrenaline? A chemical that is released in our bodies when we are angry
  • What affects did the adrenaline have on the person in the poem’s body? A red and hot face, fast heart beat, fast breathing and feeling sick
  • How does being angry affect your body?
  • What sort of things does this person do when they are angry? bash someone, kick and hurt, damage something special
  • What sort of things do you do when you are angry?
  • How do you feel afterwards when you have calmed down?
  • What is the person going to plan? calming strategies, ways to cool off
  • What could you plan if you get angry?
  • What calming strategies does the person in the poem use? count to ten, hide in a den, run fast, breathe slowly or have a cry.
  • What could you try to do?
  • What is it important not to do when you are angry? hurt others, property and yourself
  • How could you let your anger out safely? Any safe way such as screaming into a pillow or punching a pillow

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"Debbies resources are amazing and so relevant for our young people. There is something for everyone and the children love the variety of activities. Whats even better are the free resources- Debbie will even create something for you if its not on the site already. Thanks for everything Debbie."

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