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Early Years ELSA Starter Pack bundle – Item 448

This is our early years starter pack for ELSAs. There are a range of resources suitable for children from approximately 4 to 7. Please see…


Emotions early years – Item 169

Emotions early years - Teaching children about emotions is the most fundamental thing you can do to ensure children become emotionally literate and will help…


Early years/KS1 Anger intervention Item 071

***Please note that this intervention will be removed from the website on 1/12/2021 There is now a new and updated intervention which can be found…


Jigsaw emotionsJigsaw emotionsJigsaw emotions

Jigsaw Emotions – Item 263

I am always trying to think of ideas to combine other subjects along with social and emotional work. This jigsaw emotions activity combines simple ordering…


Make a faceMake a faceMake a face

Make a face – Item 078

Make a face - Print out, laminate and cut out the cards. You could put some velcro on the back but I think a bit…


my mood treemy mood treemy mood tree

My mood tree – item 063

Judging a child's state of mind can be really important when getting the right help for the child or for knowing what to work on…


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Who is Elsa Support? Hi everyone, I am Debbie and I created and run the Elsa Support website. My motto is ‘Together we can make…


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