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5 a day for wellbeing leaflet for parents

This 5 a day for wellbeing leaflet  for parents has great advice for supporting wellbeing.  The leaflet is trifold so has six sides to them. They are to be printed duplex and instructions are given within the resource on how to do this using Adobe settings. The resource comes with a PDF to print where you can type or handwrite your contact details.

The margins do need to be cut off all the sides so the leaflet folds properly.

This 5 a day wellbeing leaflet covers the five things that are recommended each day for wellbeing.

There are 4 more leaflets available to purchase from here

social and emotional leaflets

We also have another free leaflet which you can find by clicking this link. SELF ESTEEM LEAFLET

Look at our new NOTEPAD on the 5 a day for wellbeing. This is a great one to recommend to parents. Click the picture to take you to the notepad. Our notepads come ready printed so are fab for parents.

Download: leaflet wellbeing

"The worries and fears lapbook has been a great resource. It builds from sizing their worries, understanding control, to strategies to try. It’s lovely that they have something to take home to talk through with other adults."

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