15 Ways to Promote Self esteem

May 24, 2019
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15 Ways to Promote Self esteem

This weeks #elsafreefriday is a self esteem poster and worksheets. I asked the ELSA Group for ideas this morning and there was a very long list! I love our ELSA Community! It is good for me to see what you actually want and what I am capable of making for you. Gives me a bit of a challenge sometimes! The person who requested this was thinking about all those tests the children have done or have yet to do to give them a boost. I agree fully!

Download: Self esteem 15 ways

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2 thoughts on “15 Ways to Promote Self esteem

  1. Jan Ashton

    This looks a fab resource for Self-Esteem. I cannot get online on a Friday so how much would this cost me on a Saturday?

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