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12 days of thankfulness

This is a 12 days of thankfulness PowerPoint. Thankfulness/gratefulness is understood to increase wellbeing and happiness. Having a positive attitude and looking for the positives is very beneficial to everyone. This PowerPoint has some simple questions to ask children to prompt them on things they are thankful for. Use this as a quick beginning of the day starter or use it to prompt journal writing in your class. Younger children could discuss and then draw pictures of things they are thankful for.

This PowerPoint is protected from editing to ensure it works correctly for you.  When you first go to open it you will be asked to input a password to edit or to click read only. Please click Read Only You do not need a password, that is purely for our benefit. Please read the instructions prior to opening the PowerPoint.

Please note this resource is in a zipped file so may not open on a phone or IPAD. Please open on a computer or laptop.

Download: 12 DAYS OF Thankfulness



"This half term I’ve been using, growth mindset intervention, anxiety intervention, emotional awareness, my heart to heart diary and coping skills toolkit, my children have loved them. I’ve seen their confidence and problem solving skills grow over the weeks. Thank you so much Debbie. Jane. 1:1 TA/ELSA"

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