Worry Doll Poem

October 5, 2016
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Worry Doll Poem – I wrote a little poem to go with any worry dolls that you make with a child. Hope you like it.

Download: The Worry Dollworry-doll-2


How to make a Worry Doll

Here is the smaller version that you could give to the child to take home

Download: worry-dolls-small


9 thoughts on “Worry Doll Poem

  1. Ursula Morrow

    My little 4 year old (whom I have adopted) has autism and due to her mother being a dru and alcohol abuser during her pregnancy my little one also has fetal alcohol syndrome but we have had a few weeks stay in hospital recently as she has repeated lung infections which isn’t good as she also has asthma but I was told about worry dolls and whilst buying some the search engine brought up your beautiful poem which I now read to Lexi every night as I hand her her worry dolls and bag so she can put any worries under her pillow and as you so beautifully put it that her dreams will be happy. Do you mind if I share this with our children’s hospital please as I think it could be of great comfort to youngsters

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