Take a Break cards/posters

October 24, 2017
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Take a Break cards/posters

This PDF can be printed off as posters or make yourself a set of cards to use with children. Great for prompting discussion on ways to de-stress /relax/mindfulness or simply taking a break. I found some gorgeous images to use which I hope you will love and most importantly the children will love too. There are 40 cards/posters in all so I am sure you will find something useful amongst those. Use them on the classroom wall to create a display or if you print them small then you could help a child make their own personal prompts for calming down or relaxing.

Download: Relaxation cards

On Friday 24th October at 7:30 The Facebook ELSA Support Secret group is holding an event on Mindfulness and Relaxation. There will be questions posed to prompt discussion amongst ELSAs and other Professionals. If you work in this area and want to join in then email me info@elsa-support.co.uk and tell me what your role is. Please see the pinned post at the top of the group to join the event. Let’s learn from each other.

One thought on “Take a Break cards/posters

  1. Melinda Weare

    These are fantastic! I have just been putting together some posters to promote a lunchtime nurturing club I run and these will be perfect to incorporate. Thank you so much!

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