18 thoughts on “Restorative Practice poster set

  1. Julie Dunwoody

    These resources are brilliant. Thank you!
    I was going to create a reflection sheet but this has saved me so much time.
    I do have a quick question. With restorative approaches there are questions also for the person harmed. Would it be possible to adapt the last few questions on the worksheet so that the person harmed could also fill one out if needs be.

    Question 4 could be:
    How have you been affected by this?
    What has been the hardest thing for you?

    Question 5:
    What would you like to see happen now to make things right?

    Would it be possible to adapt the sheet to have 2, one for the person responsible and one for the person harmed?

    Thank you,


          1. Victoria

            Hi, this resource is fab but I can’t find the one for the harmed person you mention on this thread? Can you please direct me?

          2. Victoria

            In respect to earlier comment- I meant the poster not the worksheet… did you make a version of that too from the harmed perspective?

        1. Debbie Palphreyman Post author

          It does work Jenn, it must be at your end. I can assure you that the PDFs are absolutely fine. Many people have printed them including myself. Try downloading them again and look at your printer settings to make sure everything is working properly with your printer and your PDF viewer.

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