11 thoughts on “Is it Bullying?

  1. deb morgan

    Hi Debbie. Love this poster, we have it displayed in school. Are there any resources that go with this please? Many children (and parents) use the word bullying far too easily. I need something to help children decide which is bullying, or being a little bit mean, or just ‘normal’ playground banter, that they need to be a little more resilient over. Any ideas.

    Thank you.

        1. Deb Morgan

          Hi Debbie Did you manage to come up with some lesson plans for this, Sorry If You have and I haven’t found it! Thanks.

  2. Cheryl

    Hi Debbie
    I saw the game you’ve made on bullying. Where can I find it on your FB or website please? Thanks Cheryl

    1. Debbie Palphreyman Post author

      Hi Cheryl, It will be up soon. I was just sharing a picture of the game board which I had just made. There are lots of resources included such as worksheets and scenario cards which I am just putting together now. It will be on the site by Monday at the latest if I can manage to finish it this weekend. Best wishes Debbie

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