International day of Happiness – 20th March 2017

March 1, 2017
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International day of Happiness – 20th march 2017

Here is a booklet which can be used as a booklet for one child or you could photocopy the individual sheets and use those with a group or class.

Download: What makes me happy

Happy Hannah tells you about all the things you need to do to increase happiness and well being. Great for resilience too! You can download it below.

Download: mind-monsters-presentation-happy (presentation)

Download: mind-monsters-presentation-happy (PDF)

Five a day to a happier you is a fab resource pack with lots of ideas for helping achieve happiness.

Here is a link to the actual posting on the site for this. There are a few files to download.

5 a day to a happier you

Mind Monsters and Happy Hannah again. Here is a little poetry book which I wrote and Happy Hannah is a great prompt for discussion.

Here is the link to the poetry book.

Another poem that I wrote which is a fab prompt for discussion

You can download it from this link




5 thoughts on “International day of Happiness – 20th March 2017

  1. Rachael longworth

    once again another awesome resource. Will really help the children I work with build some resilience and improve their self-esteem. x

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