Mind Monsters Poetry

September 6, 2016
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Mind Monsters Poetry

I have written a poem for each Mind Monster and they are available in a little PDF book for free! However although they are free they are still copyright to me. You can use them in the classroom with children but they must not be shared or used in any other way without permission from ELSA Support. Please direct people to the website where they can download their own copy.

I printed this on adobe using ‘booklet’ on my pdf settings. This gives you a lovely little PDF book.

Poetry image


For more Mind Monster Resources please check out the Mind Monster resource and display pack and the Mind Monster Feeling fans

There are lots of ways of using these poems with children both on a one to one, group or whole class. They cover the six basic emotions of happy, sad, angry, scared, surprised and disgusted.

To download this file then please click the following link.

Download: Mind Monsters poetry booklet

9 thoughts on “Mind Monsters Poetry

    1. Rosana

      This is will really help with a child that I am working at the moment, but I can’t download it, am I do something wrong or it’s not available anymore to download.

      1. Debbie Palphreyman Post author

        Hi Rosana, The link is working just fine and the pdf downloads when you click it. I am not sure why it isn’t working for you. Perhaps try a different computer and see if that helps. Best wishes

  1. Yvonne Bradley

    Hi, I love these! I have used quite a few of your resources with the child I have worked with 1-1, in school, over the past 2 years.
    I have also shared your page on a few occasions with Relax Kids – I am also a Relax Kids Coach, we are very lucky to have amazing resources available to us but some of yours just slot in so well with the work that we do in supporting children. Thank you

  2. Michelle Maggs

    Love these poems and how you have explained the different emotion. I will be using them with children who have behavioural issues to help them think how they can help themselves and others. Thank you for this resource.

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