How do I like to learn?

April 5, 2018
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How do I like to learn?

I made this resources some time back and it has become very popular.

What do I want to talk about

It made me think about all the ways in which children learn and all the things they enjoy doing. Perhaps we should ask them what they like doing and then incorporate that into our planning. This activity would make a fantastic first session.

If they like drawing:

  • They can draw characters with different facial expressions.
  • They can draw their happy memories or sad memories.
  • They can draw their family members or their friends.
  • They can draw their calm place or happy place.
  • They can draw something that scares them or something that makes them anxious.
  • They can draw their angry feelings, triggers for anger or their style of anger.
  • They can create cartoon stories.

If they like playdough:

  • They can make emotion faces on Face mats
  • They can talk about the texture or smell of the playdough and how it calms them down.
  • They can get rid of their angry feelings by squishing, and squashing that playdough.
  • They can use their imagination to create anything at all.
  • They can gain a sense of self-esteem by creating something.
  • It can encourage talking and language skills.
  • It can encourage turn taking and sharing.

Download: How do I like to learn

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