Emotional register

July 12, 2013
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cache_2417893237This emotional register is used at our school. Each day as the children come in they put their names on either sunny, cloudy or stormy. As an ELSA I can walk around school and withdraw any persistent ‘cloudy’ or ‘stormy’ children to have a chat with. Also it allows the class teacher to start the day with a circle time if many children are feeling sad or angry. We write the children’s names on the back of bees before laminating. That way the children can turn their name around when choosing where to put their bee. This keeps things a little more private. As ELSAs we just have a peek underneath to see who it is. Initially we found lots of children putting themselves on sad and angry and I do think this was just to see what happened but it has settled down. I don’t take every sad child everyday but there are children that you know need to be talked to.

Download Bees

Download emotional register

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