Education Mental Health Practitioner EMHP

October 28, 2018
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Education Mental Health Practitioner EMHP

Someone posted a link to this initiative this morning in one of the Facebook groups. At last the government are doing something to address the issues around child mental health. It looks like a great start. Anyone know anymore information about this Educational Mental Health Practitioner EMHP course/job? Please do comment below.

Click here for information

A years training paid by the NHS at band 4 and then band 5 when you start working.

The bands can be found here

NHS band levels

I found this information too on this course

Course information

2 thoughts on “Education Mental Health Practitioner EMHP

  1. Amy Fisher


    I have been looking a lot into this position, there are some in the UK already being advertised (berkshire i think) if you go onto the NHS jobs website and search it should come up. They have a really good description of the job/training. I am hoping to find out more about positions close to Milton Keynes (Northampton University!) I did ring the Uni and they said more information should be avaliable soon but the course is not yet finalised thats why it is not online. Best of luck!!

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